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  • Malazil says:
    A/N The chapter title gives sorta gives it away, huh?. Follow me on tumblr! (link on my profile) Guess what?! I've taken notes on being more descriptive (yay!) tbh, I like more dialogue in smut than description because then I can really feel my OTP doing the do rather than the typical description found in smut; but I hope I find that happy medium between the two so I can showcase the.
  • Faulabar says:
    The Dark and Troubled Past of the characters and how it affects their lives and gain eye powers because of those traumas.; Ayano's suicide and Shintaro's reaction to it. While Toumei Answer was pretty heartbreaking, it is handled very quickly and matter-of-factly. But then you realize in Ayano's Theory of Happiness that the poor girl had bonded with most of the cast of the series and they.
  • Kabei says:
    Increase Volume ↑ Decrease Volume ↓ Seek Forward → Seek Backward ← Captions On/Off c. Fullscreen/Exit Fullscreen f. Mute/Unmute m. Seek % Next Up. Terraria Popularity Surges on Steam - The Loop. facebook twitter Email reddit pinterest. Link. Copied watch
  • Kigakinos says:
    Milky Pop (ミルキーポップ) is a popular idol group composed of five high school girls. These members secretly live double lives as ninja students. This faction debuted inNew Wave. The fact that they are idols as well as shinobi makes their lives difficult, and each member deals with this issue in her own way. Additionally, all the members apparently wear the same school uniform when not.
  • JoJotilar says:
    History Edit. After failed attempts by the previous Blue and Grey Kings, Genji Kagutsu's Weisman Levels went out of control, resulting in his Sword of Damocles falling. This resulted in a catastrophic event documented as the Kagutsu Crater Incident, its name originating from the massive crater left behind by Kagutsu's Damocles Down.
  • Shakagul says:
    Nov 26,  · Who is your Senran Kagura waifu? This quiz is supposed to be for males, but females can take it, too.:) (I will be making how you met them stories soon:3).
  • Fekree says:
    KaguroNRG is one of the millions playing, creating and exploring the endless possibilities of Roblox. Join KaguroNRG on Roblox and explore together!
  • Kazrazuru says:
    Jun 16,  · * Substitute Hokage: Danzo Shimura. Danzo took with him Yamanaka Fuu and Aburame Torune, they were the strongest members of the Root. But even if Danzo aknowledged their abilities, he didn’t hesitate to sacrifice them in order buy himself some ti.

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