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  • Vira says:
    I won't play the game. You may think I'm crazy, maybe But I got my mind made up (Up, it's true) It's true I'm not wasting my time Trying to find (Trying to find) What destiny has prepared for me (Has prepared for me) So I don't wanna talk no more No. Aint lookin' for nobody Homies sayin' that I should (I ain't really searchin' cause I know).
  • Mezigor says:
    Gentaro stop making me love you more and more. TZ Comment by PyroCoffeeCat. NYA NYA NYA!! NYA! TZ Comment by Kiyo Kitsune. JIRO-KUNNNN. TZ Comment by Kiyo Kitsune. AWWWWWWW. TZ. Users who like Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Drama Track.

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