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  • Akiktilar says:
    They attract but also evoke fear. To enter them is to enter death and to enter the womb at the same time. Entering a cave means entering your own subconscious mind, where you have to face all your inner demons. Having the courage to face the fear of darkness and the fear .
  • Baramar says:
    THE FEAR OF DARKNESS Throughout the many years I have been caving, a tradition has developed. Cavers, upon reaching the deepest parts of a cave, extinguish all helmet and handheld lights. A total dense blackness fills the void, and, for a.
  • Faedal says:
    Fear The Darkness. A small, but fully (more or less) configurable mod, that damages you, if you go into the Darkness (by default light level 7 and below). Also damages you even more if you go into the Deep Darkness (by default light level 0 (and below, if you can)).
  • Kaganos says:
    Jul 31,  · You guys asked for it, so here it is. A full playthrough of "PHOBIA - The Fear of the Darkness"! 40 minutes of puzzles, terror, and well, darkness. I've annotated the video at .

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