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  • Gami says:
    You krazy I say when the nigas gona shoot. You krazy I say when the nigas gona pop something. You don't really want it niga better stop fronting cause when the things come out we gona drop something [Bridge:] This can be the day you get richer, this can be the day you try, This can be the day you walk away or this can be the day you die [Verse 3:].
  • Gardak says:
    Sittin' in my car, watch the stars and smoke I came a long way but still I got so far to go Dear mama, don't worry, I'ma watch for snakes Tell Setchu, that I love her, but it's hard to take I got the letter that she sent me, and I cried for weeks This what came out when I tried to speak - all I heard was [Chorus: x2] (One, two, three, four) I.
  • Nikocage says:
    album: "My Krazy World" () other songs lyrics album: "Breather Life" () What Y'all Want My Dog I Luv My Project Tell Me Thugged Out I Got Downtown Black Eyez In The Club When I Make It Home album: "My Krazy World" () He Don't Wanna Leave The Club Roll Em Heard You Was Looking For Some Good Dick.
  • Vizil says:
    Every day, it seemed, people were fighting over bull shit that had nothing to do with reality or real-world issues. Thus, in , I finally got tired of watching people fight back and forth, because the drama and mood became depressing, so I deleted my account, forever, and I have not regretted it one bit.
  • Yozshusar says:
    My Krazy World Krazy Format: Audio CD. say the record company hit em up still today. maybe they should release it again slowed and reg. speed. make it a dbl. cd set. they never put out the movie reconize game but the soundtrack was tight. i like the slowed one better, i guess cause thats the one i had first before you could buy it /5(2).
  • Kazihn says:
    Packing that big clip when shit get krazy! [Verse 2: Jadakiss] Niggas die every day, one day if I'm next One foot in the condo, one in the projects Break it all down yeah got dissect This bullet is something that you ain't able to digest Get this income is the outcome So I'm a finish this work and finish the album And I know them people got it.
  • Yokinos says:
    Krazy World Lyrics: Krazy world, get it where you fit in / Choose how to roll, the dough there for the picking / Switch up—you’re stuck, telegraphing how you’re living / It’s all about me.
  • Kizshura says:
    Yeah, I got my mind right, and my money right, my head on my shoulder And my eyesight a lil' blurry but it stand on my quota And we find out moms address and your head get mailed over Nigga you make that bed you lay in that bed Or get that bitch made over Tunechi You so Krazy, Tunechi You so Krazy, bitch I know, I know, I know, I know.
  • Mukree says:
    A song from Tupac's The Don Kiluminati 7 Day Theory album. Many can relate to this song about stress and life. "Last year was a hard one, but life goes on Hold my .

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